Bank Of America Chalk Protester Found 'Not Guilty'

On Monday, a jury acquitted Jeff Olson of all charges related to the anti-bank messages he wrote with chalk on the sidewalks outside of three Bank of America branches in San Diego. Olson faced up to 13 years in jail for the misdemeanor charges.

This Is Not Helping End The Foreclosure Crisis

Sharpie parties: In the age of Facebook and Twitter, a new crime has hit America: "Sharpie parties," gatherings of revelers armed with "Sharpie" magic markers and lured by social media invitations to wreak havoc on foreclosed homes.

Occupy Main Street

Artist Alex Schaefer turns chalking into an act of civil disobedience against the collusion between banks and state.

Next Time He'll Cut Your Hair

This is not from The Onion... Via CNN: "You guys have it way too soft – nice ride," he wrote, while the press corps were preparing to cover his Weatherly, Pennsylvania stop. ... "P.S.," he added after his signature, "erased your hard

Violence Erupts After Anarchist Book Fair

Just as Occupy Wall Street was getting some very positive reports in the media over their "sleepful protests," and the relationships being built within the community...anarchy. To what end? To make the residents of NYC fearful of protesters in