Right-wing propaganda

Fact-Checking The Sean Hannity Playboy Interview

Fox News propagandist Sean Hannity sat down with Playboy, and though I'm not going to attempt to correct every one of his lies, it's worth spotlighting just how much wrongness he can cram into a single interview.

'Noble' O'Reilly: Fox Couldn't Succeed If It Was Dishonest

Bill O'Reilly tried to make a "liberal media" punching bag out of Ted Koppel last night on his Fox News show, and found out that sometimes the punching bag can punch back hard. O'REILLY: You think that we have corrupted the sanctity of fair

The New Yorker Maps Koch Industries' Right-Wing Creations

It's really good to see a publication that circulates in print and online put the Koch family in the spotlight in this weeks' cover story. I've spent the past year researching the different tentacles of the Republican party and how the money