Feds End Hunt For Hoffa

The FBI has called it quits on the umpteenth search for Jimmy Hoffa’s remains, leaving empty-handed from a farm field in suburban Detroit after two and a half days of digging.

April 6, 1976 - Teamsters, Terrorists And Primaries.

April 6, 1976 - News on settlement of the Teamsters Strike. Gerald Ford campaigns in Wisconsin ahead of the Tuesday Primaries. Morris Udall quietly campaigns. UAW says not less government, but better run government is most important during this election season. Right Wing Death Squads murder 15 young people as part of Military Junta crackdown in Argentina. More bombs in Northern Ireland and Northern Portugal. Women march by the thousands in Rome protesting Vatican ban on contraception. France Nuclear tests in South Pacific.

April 5, 1994 - The Battle For Healthcare

April 5, 1994. The Clinton Healthcare plan in trouble. Teamsters threatening strike over freight hauling. Don't Ask Don't Tell in court. Arkansas Razorbacks win NCAA. Darryl Strawberry to rehab. Wall Street heads up. 1,000 Ukrainian Peacekeeping troops to Bosnia. Riot at a Grateful Dead concert in Orlando, Florida.

June 1, 1981 - Naked If I Want To.

News of the day for June 1, 1981. The Reagan Tax Cut Proposal, Fighting in Beirut, Bangladesh coup crushed, Teamsters gather for 22nd National Convention in Las Vegas, Pianist Andre-Michel Schub wins 6th Annual Van Cliburn Competition, South Africa celebrates 20th anniversary as a White ruled republic and The Supreme Court rules it's a Constitutional Right to dance nude in public.