Missile Defense

Sarah Palin Is Not Serious About National Security

At the NRO corner, Sarah Palin (or her ghostwriter) takes a moment to rally the Republican Senators against the evil that is New START. "It's a trap!" she screams. "Run away!" New START recognizes a link between offensive and defensive weapons

Rice Endorses New START

It's official now - all living Secretary of States, including six Republicans and two Democrats, are in favor of ratifying New START. The one hold out was, until this week, Condoleezza Rice.  Laura Rozen spilled the beans. Rice's

North Korea Shells South Korean Island

Just after the discovery that North Korea is moving ahead with uranium enrichment, bombs rain on the island of Yeonpyeong, courtesy of Kim Jong Il and his mighty military, resulting in the death of at least one South Korean marine and several

33 Minutes Of Fearmongering

The Russians aren't fooled by continual protestations that America's missile defense plans are aimed at "rogue states" - none of whom yet h

Poking The Bear With A Blunt Stick

(VOAvideo of US, Poland Sign Missile Defense Deal) American plans for missile defense bases in bordering nations infuriate Russia, and the US has ha

Mike's Blog Round Up

The Moderate Voice thinks the death of the immigration bill spells the end of Bush's power and the monolithic Rove GOP machine. Shadow of The Hegemon