GOP Convention

GOP Nomination May Be Moved To Monday Because Of Isaac

Remember when Hurricane Katrina was supposed to be punishment from God over abortion? What other possible explanation is there for the potential hurricane headed toward Tampa? I think the Baby Jesus is very, very mad at the Republican

Mike's Blog Roundup

Pam's House Blend: Lindsey Graham shoutout to Bush at SC GOP convention nets silence. at-Largely: Four years late - An Inconvenient Truth for the Whi

Mike's Blog Round Up

Happy Thursday to all! By now most of you know this, but to newbies this is Alex, guest-hosting the roundup while neglecting my own malenky blog, Mar

Ford Feared Rightward Trend Of GOP

Newsweek via MSNBC: The student of history can detect Gerald Ford's influence on America from Watergate to Iraq, from the presidencies of Richard

Colin Powell A No-show At RNC

The most popular Republican in the country will not be speaking at the Republican National Convention. Secretary of State Colin Powell will not even b