Norman Schwarzkopf, Iraq War General, Dies At 78

Norman Schwarzkopf's Rule System: "Rule 13 says, okay, I've got it. When placed in command, I take charge. But what do I do? The answer is Rule 14: Do what's right. Because we all know, all of us know, basically, when placed in those

Weekend Talkshows Past - Face The Nation: Persian Gulf Policy - June 1987.

Weekend Talkshows Past - Face The Nation: Persian Gulf Policy - June 21, 1987. News regarding U.S. decision to re-flag Kuwaiti Oil Tankers in Persian Gulf. Reports Iran is Mining Persian Gulf. Outcome of U.S.S. Stark bombing incident. Interviews with Under Secretary of State Michael Armacost and Chairman of The House Armed Services Committee, Les Aspin. Leslie Stahl moderates.

March 7, 1978 - Oil, Coal And Settlements Everywhere.

March 7, 1978. Sharp divide among Israelis about settlements in Arab territories. Coal Miners Strike. Carter invoking Taft-Hartley to settle strike. Panama Canal Treaty debate continues. Rhodesia border clashes with Zambia. Cairo looking to Washington for leadership in Middle-East Peace talks. Kuwait Oil Minister seeks boost in prices. Larry Flynt recovering from surgery following shooting. Mid-West feeling effects of Coal Strike.

January 23, 1991 - Scuds And "Baby Formula".

News of the day for January 23, 1991. Operation Desert Storm in its seventh day. Iraq claims missile attacks on "Baby Formula Factory", Iraqi Scud missiles attack Tel-Aviv, U.S. fighters have flown some 12,000 sorties so far. Dan Quayle decries anti-war protesters. No idea how long the war will last.

April 25, 1979 - The Creeping Familiarity.

News of the day for April 25, 1979 - The Middle East as always. Israeli troops in Lebanon going after PLO. Egypt is on the outs with most Arab neighbors because of the Peace settlement. Jimmy Carter commemorates the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising which began on this day in 1943. Assassination attempts in Iran and Abel Muzorewa becomes first Black Prime Minister of Rhodesia.

March 7, 1991 - Desert Storm And A Police Beating

News of the day for March 7, 1991 - troops from Operation Desert Storm begin to come home, President Bush delivers address the night before, Iraq putting down domestic uprising and video tape of police beating of Rodney King causing controversy in L.A. and Police Department.