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Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Laura Ingraham Edition

This Ingraham SRWT is of a piece with Jennifer Rubin's of a few weeks ago--that Republicans refuse to use "anecdotes" <a href="">in their political arguments</a>. And it's in response to President Obama, who this morning -- surrounded by first responders -- urged Congress <a href="">to avoid the sequester.</a>

The 9/11 Nihilism Of GOP Senators

Sometimes there are simply no words to describe the behaviour of Mitch McConnell’s band of merry misanthropes - also known as much of the US Senate Republican Caucus. The level of pathological callousness, a nihilistic streak that would

Rachel Maddow: 'All Hail Shep Smith At Fox News'

Continuing the theme of this week of publicly shaming Republican Senators who've voted to deny 9/11 First Responders, Rachel sings the praises of Fox News' Shepard Smith for calling them on this. RACHEL MADDOW:Shep Smith making a hullabaloo on