blood libel

Liasson: Palin Admitted Political Discourse Can Cause Violence

Fox News contributor Mara Liasson said Sunday that while defending use of gun imagery, Fox News employee Sarah Palin actually admitted that political discourse can cause violence. Following a shooting in Tucson, Arizona that left six dead and

Don't Go Away Mad, Sarah. Just Go Away.

I admit, Sarah, I've had even more trouble taking you seriously ever since Matt Taibbi in "Griftopia" absolutely nailed your persona as that of a Piedmont Airways flight attendant, only without the polyester neck scarf. I keep picturing you

A Tale Of Two Speeches: Roundup And Reactions

As far as I can tell, the reaction to Palin's video statement and President Obama's speech has been pretty disparate, and interesting. One theme shines through: Both were commenting on the same event, but the focus was very, very different. The

Pat Buchanan Defends Palin's Use Of The Phrase Blood Libel

Pat Buchanan proves once again there's nothing Sarah Palin could say or do that he won't staunchly defend her for. Someone needs to break it to Pat that Palin still isn't going to sleep with him after this. Pat Buchanan: Sarah Palin's Use Of