Steven Crowder

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Steven Crowder Edition

Here's Steven Crowder, the Fox clown and fraud who picked a fight, videotaped it, <a href="">then lied about it</a>, using a typical SRWT construct: the "liberals say X."

Right-Wing Freak Show Known As CPAC 2013 Starts Tomorrow

In the wake of losing the White House, their second national election in the past three, seats in the House and Senate, and the popular vote in 5 of the past 6 presidential elections, what's the right-wing response? Double down on crazy and stupid.

Vote For The Stupidest Right-Wing Tweet Of 2012!

Over the past four weeks, we've highlighted four contenders for the Stupidest Right-Wing Tweet of 2012, and our fifth and final entry today is from Fox News' clown Steven Crowder, who is deeply confused about basic American history. Now, I've

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Steven Crowder Edition

A double feature today from FOX News' resident clown Steven Crowder, who most recently compared food stamp recipients to animals. This time, he proves yet again that right-wingers have absolutely no idea what socialism is. In this first tweet,