Fox's Crowder Dons Monkey Suit And Steals Kids' Candy To Attack Obama's 'Redistribution'


There are so many things wrong with this clip, it's hard to know where to begin, but it's fairly obvious that conservatives completely fail when it comes to their attempts at "humor" and Steven Crowder isn't worried about making an ass out of himself on television. But of course, the Fox-bots loved it.

Here's more from Raw Story but there's a problem with their headline. Crowder isn't wearing a bear costume. He admits it's a monkey costume during this follow up interview on Fox Thursday morning.

Fox contributor in bear suit steals kids’ Halloween candy to make ‘point’ about Obama:

In a video published to YouTube on Tuesday, Crowder — whose strange attempts at conservative-styled satire have made the pages of The Raw Story before — does exactly that in an effort to make a point about progressive tax policies couched in something President Barack Obama said 14 years ago about how he favors “redistribution” of government resources “to make sure that everybody’s got a shot.” Video of the comment was widely circulated by Republicans in September, although most of the focus was on the word “redistribution” (a stand-in for “taxes”), and not the portion where Obama praised “competition” and market-driven “innovation.”

Despite numerous law enforcement outfits warning that children and parents should be wary of strangers wearing bear costumes in public, Crowder somehow managed to get flocks of kids to come up to his camera-rigged car. “You just stole my candy!” one of the kids in the video yells. Another one threatens to call the police.

“Is that your costume? You didn’t make that shirt, you didn’t build that,” Crowder told a group of visibly angry children, referencing the misleading Obama quote that Republicans built their nominating convention around. He went on to inform his unsuspecting victims that he’s going to “redistribute” their candy so that everyone’s the same, which was somehow supposed to teach the children a lesson about why they should vote for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Voting age in the U.S., however, is 18. Read on...


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