Maddow: Hobby Lobby Case Already Opening Floodgates To Discrimination

Maddow: Hobby Lobby Case Already Opening Floodgates To Discrimination

MSNBC, The Rachel Maddow Show, July 2, 2014. Rachel Maddow reports on the fact that the Hobby Lobby case was definitely not narrowly decided and is already creating new religious demands on President Obama from those who want to be free to discriminate against gay people.

Obama: Women Should Make Their Own Health Care Decisions

President Obama, spoke in Fairfax, Virginia on Friday, and had the chance to address one important issue that didn’t come up in the debate – the way that Obamacare, and supporting women’s decisions about their health care, is not only better for women’s health, but for women’s lives, families, and as a result, the economy.

Joe Walsh Attacks Sandra Fluke And Tells Her To 'Get A Job'

Someone needs to tell Joe Walsh to "get a job" where it doesn't include lying to his constituents on a daily basis. Hate monger and deadbeat dad Rep. Joe Walsh decided to lay into activist Sandra Fluke for her appearance at the Democratic National Convention this week, and apparently he's not aware that she was not asking for the government to pay for anyone's birth control, or her own.

Romney: Women Should Support Me Because Of 'Romneycare'

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney says that women should support him because of a health insurance law he passed as the governor of Massachusetts -- even though he has promised to repeal a similar law passed by President Barack