Newtown shooting

Gun Rights Supporters Won't Give Up AR-15s

Gun Rights Supporters Won't Give Up AR-15s

Newtown parent and gun control advocate Po Murray asks gun rights supporters if they are willing to give up their assault rifles after mass shootings. Filmed in August 11, 2016 for Jorge Ramos show Breaking Bread. Producer Brendan Finn discusses his take away from the filming.

Fox's Kelly And Stirewalt Desperately Attack New Gun Safety Ad

This is really pitiful by even Fox's standards. As Rachel Maddow noted in the clip below where she responded to this segment that aired on Megyn Kelly's America Live this Thursday, it seems Fox is hoping to fool their blind viewers, because anyone who actually watched the recent ad being run by Mayors Against Illegal Guns would be able to tell that the man in the ad was not aiming his gun at the children in the background.

Colbert: 'They Can Take Our Ignorance When They Pry It From Our Cold Dead Minds'

After attacking the media for their "anti-gun agenda" and Slate Magazine for keeping a running tally of the number of people who have been killed by firearms since the Newtown massacre, Stephen Colbert opined over the fact that all of this anti-gun information has had an affect, with 93 percent of Americans now favoring background checks for all gun buyers.

Faux Shrink At It Again With Unethical Analysis Of Obama

I'm not sure what part of the Goldwater rule faux shrink and Fox News commentator Keith Ablow doesn't understand, but if he can't even get this right, why should anyone trust his analysis? The Goldwater rule is part of the ethical standards