Dennis Kucinich

Robert Gibbs Should Resign

To Robert Gibbs, the "professional left," should, in his words, just suck it up and back the administration and stop bellyaching about what the Presid

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Dan Hicks And His Hot Licks - How Can I Miss You When You Won't Go Away? If it's Sunday, you know that it's time for John McCain to show up on one

Real Time: Dennis Kucinich

Looks like Dennis is everywhere the last couple of days. He visited the set of Real Time to discuss his reasons for deciding to vote for the health ca

Dennis Kucinich Is Voting For HCR

Looks like Howard Fineman was right last night on KO when he said Dennis would switch his vote because Dennis Kucinich held a presser this morning a

Sunday Morning Bobblehead Thread

Episode 803 of Seinfeld: "The Bizarro Jerry" Remember how "hope and change"-y we all felt a year ago? Brand new president, full of feel-good soari