Voter Intimidation Group Receives Tax-Exempt Status

True the Vote, authors of the plan to intimidate and suppress minority voters, received tax-exempt status this week from the IRS.

I guess when you play the refs and go up to Capitol Hill and whine about your tax-exempt status long enough, it pays off.

True the Vote, the group planning to attack organizations registering voters, has received their coveted tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service.

Just to refresh your memory on True the Vote, here is their document shared in a recent Groundswell meeting where they outlined their strategies for attacking groups working to register minority voters. In the document, they list groups such as the Center for America Progress, Sierra Club, Media Matters, ThinkProgress, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, and even MSNBC.

This is their hydra, and they're determined to kill it. It's their right to try, but it's not their right to try with taxpayer subsidies in the form of a tax-exemption for activities which are clearly political.

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