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These ads should have been running for months. And Fox News Channel, The Official Network of the Swift Boat Vets, refuses to air it.
Fair and balanced, my ass. Stubborness Is Not A Virtue

Detroit Free Press

Like most of us, I was taught that being stubborn was a fault. When I was stubborn as a child, my parents scolded me. When I was stubborn as a student, my teachers chided me. "Don't be stubborn," they all said. "You've got to see the other side, too."

But when it comes to the presidential election, stubbornness is suddenly an American virtue.

It may even determine the winner.

President George W. Bush excels at being stubborn. Say what you will about the commander in chief: He doesn't change his mind. Not a day goes by that he doesn't tell voters "a leader must be firm in his decisions."

And so, even during a week when hostages have their heads cut off, we are told, as we are always told, that things in Iraq are improving, that the future is bright.

And despite endless proof to the contrary from committees and investigations -- even those under his control -- Bush insists that Sept. 11 and the invasion of Iraq are inexorably connected.

And if a bad jobs report comes out, or the budget deficit is projected into the stratosphere, Bush insists the economy is good and growing.

And despite howling from the education community, he insists his No Child Left Behind idea is working.

He says these things over and over. He will not be moved. He clings to the same line he gave yesterday, the day before and the month before.

And amazingly, many Americans see this as strength. read on...


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