Keep The Frist Away From My Body!

A picture named Tears.jpgKeep the Frist away from my body!

Bill Frist revisited: from Dec 5th from This Week

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George: You're a doctor. Do you think tears and sweat can transmit HIV"
Frist; I don't know...I can tell you..
George: You don't know?
Frist; I can tell you things like,like..condoms..
George: You believe that tears and sweat might be able to transmit aids?

This is the man who is sticking his nose in our personal/family decisions. I thought conservatives were for limited government. Peggy Noonan talks about the political implications if the republicans do nothing: It is not at all in the political interests of senators and congressmen to earn the wrath of the pro-Schiavo group and the gratitude of the anti-Schiavo husband, by doing nothing."A human life isn't a political game. Where were they a year ago, six months ago, two months ago, one month ago? This is a tragic story anyway one looks at it.

Direland has more: Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist--in it, he made explicit a threat against Shiavo's doctors to have them prosecuted if they "obstructed" a Senate "investigation" of the Schiavo case by precluding her responding to an "invitation" to testify before a Senate on


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