Sen. Mel Martinez Admits Staffer Wrote The Memo!

via America Blog: From AP via Raw Story:

A one-page unsigned memo that became part of the debate preceding Congress' vote ordering a federal court review of the Terri Schiavo case originated in Florida Republican Sen. Mel Martinez' office, Martinez said Wednesday. Martinez told the AP's Matt Yancey and other news organizations in a written statement "he discovered Wednesday that the memo had been written by an aide in his office."

All that work Powerline did on that memo.: Answer Yes. I mean when you have this as a defense: "All 55 Republican senators say they have never seen the Terri Schiavo political talking-points memo that Democrats say was circulated among Republicans during the floor debate over whether the federal government should intervene to prolong her life. " Who wouldn't doubt the memo as a fake? I'm sure Hindrocket willl blame Daily Kos and Atrios for being evil and somehow infecting his brain. Hugh Hewitt will write another book about "Blogging, Honesty, and the RIGHT." Michelle Malkin will deny that Martinez ever admitted anything. "Let's look at the source," she'll say. It's the AP.

(Update): John has all the Wingnuts and their quotes about the GOP Talking points memo.


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