God's Own Circus" Bush Hops On The Creationism Express

President Bush said Monday he believes schools should discuss "intelligent design" alongside evolution when teaching students about the creation of life...

Is anyone surprised by this admission? When the press corp proudly proclaims that "...he always wears his faith on his sleeve ," or another classic: " at least you know where he stands," they play into this insanity and try to make it sound logical. Their is no logic attached to ID. Watching arguably the most powerful man in the world jumping on-board to a religious con-game of the highest order is reprehensible.

John Cole explains that there is no difference between Intelligent Design and Creationism in his post called :The Coalition of the Stupid. "To have the leader of the country, the leader of the party, and the person who proclaims that he wants to be known as the ‘education president’ to state, even casually, that he thinks intelligent design should be taught alongside evolution is lunacy of the first order. First, the facts...read on"

Arthur's post :FAT CLEMENZA IS YOUR PRESIDENT: "And we know that Bush has rejected facts, logic, evidence and reason—and that he has done so on principle. We can now add one more crime to this litany of intellectual and moral horrors. The President of the United States is firmly and completely anti-science...read on

The Rude Pundit says: "George W. Bush wants America to be stupid."

PZ Meyes writes: "This debate is not about assessing the evidence, but about getting faith-based bullshit taught as science."

The faster President Bush buys his one way ticket to South Carolina the better.

(Update): The Right Wing isn't too impressed with this either.

Glen Reynolds has a big round up that's worth a look: "That's just pathetic."

Protein Wisdom defends President Bush.


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