Dobson's Lame Response About His Conversations With Rove

Read the transcripts of his upcoming radio show as he tries to quash the controversy he caused. There's too much here to comment on. Updated

Focus on the Family:

Dobson: Why would I not do that? Because it was a confidential conversation and I've had a long-standing policy of not going out and revealing things that are said to me in confidence. That may come from my training as a psychologist, where you hear all sorts of things that you can't go out and talk about.

I have a question. Aren't you breaking your code by revealing that you had a conversation with Rove in the first place?

Also this whopper:

Dobson: I think it’s a mistake and maybe even an ethical problem for people to do that—to go out and brag about being a player on the national scene, maybe to make themselves to look important. You know, I just wish that didn’t happen like it does and I certainly didn’t want to be part of it.

Dobson just loves to talk about how important he is. On This Week, he bragged about trying to take Arlen Specter down. If that doesn't tell people that you are a "player" what does?

He goes on to say that all these other great candidates were too terrified to go through the confirmation process because it's so vicious (new GOP Talking point). I guess Harriet Miers isn't the most qualified pick, she's the one with the most guts.

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