Mike's Blog Roundup

SOTUblog: Like many of Bush's medal recipients, Nixon-apologist and BUSHCO cheerleader, William Safire has been 100% wrong in every way about Iraq. That's how it works in journamalism...if you're right, you get dumped, if you're reliably wrong, you get a Medal of Freedom and face time on television

Lawyers, Guns and Money: We can't afford NOT to have Universal Health Care

Mugsy’s Rap Sheet: Some predictions for 2007

CorrenteWire: After our Texas-stupid Preznit turns Iraq into a hell, he won't let the Iraqis escape here

The Satirical Political Report: Bob Woodward's ultimate scoop: A gallows interview with Saddam

HOLY CRAP: Don't know much about biology...Patterns of religious belief...Oy, now there's a Christian swinger group...Forget Keith Ellison, the new Congress boasts an even bigger religious milestone


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