Mike's Blog Roundup

JURIST: A recently fired US Attorney--one of seven who have been dismissed without explanation--says his dismissal was political retaliation for not speeding up indictments of local Democrats in time for the November elections. Is this obstruction or simple corruption?

The Moderate Voice: McCain declares but his campaign appears to be collapsing.  Joe also has a sane and, yes...moderate analysis of the right blogistan's latest fit of faux fury over anonymous comments

First Draft: Douglas Feith's new web site is a desperate cry for validation

Gristmill: Buzz about the alarming collapse of domesticated honeybee populations hit the front page of the NYT this week. If theywas meant to ride around in trucks, God would have given 'em John Deere caps and naked lady mudflaps

Economist's View: Robert Reich says watch out, the bubble bursting may not be over

HOLY CRAP: No church-going doctors for me, please...That loony Haredi sect in Israel is at it again, out to prove that they can out-crazy the radical Muslims...Apparently, Satan is trying to trick humanity into protecting the earth...Crazy Church Lady doesn't want madatory cervical cancer vaccinations..."Choosing a religious phone is one way a person who gives high salience to his or her religious identity can assert that importance in a public way"..."People of Faith," despite its general acceptance as an inclusive term, is actually an exclusionary one...Why should religion be held immune from criticism?...Fashion designed to please The Designer...Check out Mick LaSalle's, "The Event", a serialized tale of the End Times, with a twist...


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