Sen. Feinstein Drops Purge Bombshell

ftn-feinstein.jpg On Face the Nation yesterday, Senator Feinstein told Bob Scheiffer she has evidence that U.S. attorney Carol Lam was pinpointed for firing after she notified the Justice Department she was issuing search warrants for a Republican corruption case. According to Feinstein, an email was sent from the DoJ to the White House shortly after this notification saying that there was a "real problem we have right now with Carol Lam."

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This is why the White House and Alberto Gonzales are in hot water. The evidence is becoming clearer by the day that these attorneys were cherry-picked for replacement because they wouldn't politicize their positions and sacrifice their independence; not because of the supposed "performance-related" issues.

It's important to connect the dots here and say that Lam (who prosecuted Duke Cunningham) was issuing these search warrants for Brent Wilkes and "Dusty" Foggo -- the two men who were implicated in the all but forgotten Hookergate scandal that emerged from the Cunningham probe. Lam was also investigating Rep. Jerry Lewis -- then the chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee. Did the White House try to eliminate her so that these potentially embarrassing revelations never saw the light of day? And will Lam's replacement still pursue these cases?

The LATimes digs deeper. It's amazing to discover how intertwined all these scandals are. Larisa has some thoughts...


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