Why Doesn't McCain Want Democracy In Iraq?

MTP-McCain-Shocknawe Presidential candidate, Sen.John McCain (R-AZ) appeared on "Meet The Press" this morning and continued his downward spiral into delusion and irrelevance. With his credibility and campaign circling the drain, McCain's rhetoric has drawn closer to that of George Bush, repeatedly using such phrases as "consequences of failure", "they'll follow us home" and the old debunked standby, "we all had the same intelligence." Senator McCain made it quite clear this morning that he would continue to follow directly in the footsteps of President Bush by stating that he, too, would ignore the Iraqi government (not to mention the will of the American people) and stay the course in Iraq.

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RUSSERT: But if the duly elected people's bodies, the U.S Congress and the Iraqi Parliament, say they want a troop withdrawal, that's more than a poll. Isn't that the voice of the people?

: As far as the Iraqi Parliament is concerned, the Iraqi government obviously doesn't feel that way there ... second of all, there is a certain amount of domestic political calculations involved there in what the Iraqi "Parliament" said.

Liberal Oasis:

In other words: I don't what the Iraqi people want. I don't care what representatives of the Iraqi people say. I care about setting up democratic institutions in name only. If the people's will conflicts with my neoconservative goals, I will render democratic bodies meaningless and pretend they are not part of the Iraqi government.


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