Huckabee: Gitmo Is Too Nice

Remember this one from Romney during an early GOP debate?

Romney - Some people have said we out to close view is that we outta double Guantanamo...

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Mike Huckabee, that Christian leader who doesn't see crosses, only bookshelves told CBS News that (h/t Charles):

Asked about Guantanamo, Mike Huckabee said he had visited the facility and said it was “disappointing” that military personnel were eating meals that averaged $1.60 while the detainees were eating Halal meals that cost over $4 each.

“The inmates there were getting a whole lot better treatment than my prisoners in Arkansas. In fact, we left saying, ‘I hope our guys don’t see this. They’ll all want to be transferred to Guanatanmo. If anything, it’s too nice.”

The man of God thinks Gitmo is way too nice. And it's only going to get worse from here:

According to Bob Wickers, Huckabee media consultant and mastermind of the "Chuck Norris Facts" commercial, the new ad will be intregal to the campaign and "consistant with who he is and how faith informs who he is". Expect an anti-abortion and anti-gay marriage message.

Updated: Think Progress has more:

In June, Huckabee said on CNN’s Late Edition that “most of our prisoners would love to be in a facility more like Guantanamo.” At the time, he said we couldn’t close the facility because hypothetically, “if we let somebody out” they could “come and fly an airliner into one of our skyscrapers.


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