Jonathan Hoenig: 'I Think The Employer Has The Right To Discriminate.'

In my continuing series on the FOX Saturday stock shows, Jonathan Honeig is back.

The CapitalistPig and FOX's stock show rock star from Cashin' In, does what he does best. Act like an insane Republican free market--tax cutting---New Deal hating---super hawk and attack all things Democratic. The topic was should employers be able to fine employees for bad health habits.

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Hoenig: ...but Vikki I think the employer has the right to discriminate. They offer a trade, the employee can take it or leave it. Get in a discussion of rights, then absolutely the employer has the right to fire an employee for any reason.

The employer has the right to hire and fire whoever he wants, whether they are smoker, whether they are fat, whether they are Jewish or Black.

Vikki: No, no, no, no, then we're talking about discrimination. You cannot determine if you're not going to hire someone based on sex, creed or color. That's ridiculous.

In this clip he says that his Almighty---Corporations---should be able to fire an employee anytime, anywhere and without cause. It would appear that he longs for the days of the late 1800's, with child labor, sweat shops and eighteen hour wok days. What's ridiculous is that no other panel members or the host thought The Pig's idea was that out of whack except for Vikki Ziegler and Wayne Rogers, who brought up genetics as a defense against being overweight. Email Jonathan and ask if you can send him your resume. He'd sure make a good boss...

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