CNN's Idiot 'Is Obama Really A Patriot' Poll

Ben Smith writes about this idiotic poll question by CNN on their website. When did they start channeling poll questions that would normally appear in the NY Post? It's just offensive that a main stream news organization would stoop this low.

I've got to say, I've never seen a reader poll like this on a mainstream media website (or, to be honest, a right-wing blog). This is currently on

This question seems tied to this story, in which he took a question about his patriotism. But it's odd to see the mainstream media drive a largely whispered question that none of his main, named critics -- Hillary, McCain, or the RNC -- will touch.

I'd demand an immediate apology from CNN . Did John McCain show the proper patriotism when he sang bomb, bomb, Iran? Please leave the jingoistic garbage to the Freepers.

John Cole points out just how patriotic these American flag lapel pin wearing Republicans are, That is unless being corrupt is a virtue CNN thinks Barack Obama should strive for:

Then we have Rick Renzi, John Doolittle, Bob Ney---you get the point.

Since Obama and the Democrats seem to have such a big problem with patriotism and lapel pins, I guess we need to have yet another photo montage of prominent Republicans demonstrating how to wear a lapel pin. Here on


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