June 22, 2008

Tom Ridge takes up the usual discredited conservative talking point that if our troops leave Iraq, al-Qaeda and Iran will control everything there---including all the oil fields on FOX News Sunday. Man, there certainly are a lot of terrorists running around in Iraq now. Didn't the administration tell us that al-Qaeda has been defeated in Iraq already? Oh, right ---so now it's Iran. Iran is running around in Iraq now...

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Wallace: ...as part of your answer, at what point does Sen McCain say we do have to turn it over to the Iraqis.

Ridge: Well I think again, it depends on the situation on the ground as the NY Times is reporting...blah, blah, blah..it is a central venue in this war against terror...blah, blah. blah..the lind of support we provided Germany and South Korea....(sorry, I couldn't transcribe it all. I just couldn't get myself to do it.)

The old situation on the ground trick with a dash of Germany and South Korea. How did that line work for McCain? There's greater and greater control, but watch out. It could fall apart as soon as we leave! He really wants to say the word "never." Just say it Ridge. You can do it. So can McCain and Kristol and Bush and Cheney. I don't know why they just don't get honest and say something like:

Ridge: We never want to turn Iraq back over to the Iraqis because we want their oil, Chris. Is that plain enough for you?

Wallace: Certainly Gov. Ridge, thanks for being so candid with us. You heard it right here folks on FNS. McCain never wants to leave Iraq. Back after the break.

I guess terrorists reconstitute like bunnies--or something...The Iraqi people will not let Iran have control over their land. Hey, Tom---the American people aren't buying that line. It's so 2004.

(h/t Heather. She really helped big time on Sunday.)

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