Terry Jeffrey On CNN: Barack Obama, Medicare & Social Security Are All Socialist

So I guess the Official Republican Talking Points™ now include proclaiming that Barack Obama is a socialist who's more liberal than Bernie Sanders. It looks like those Bush/Cheney guys McCain hired are starting to earn their money.

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BLITZER: But Bernie Sanders says he's a socialist.

JEFFREY: Well, I think Barack Obama is a socialist, and let me defend that remark.

First of all, I would say Barack Obama is the most left-wing candidate that's ever been nominated by a major party for president of the United States. But is he a socialist? This is a man who's campaigning with Hillary Clinton, arguing for who had a better nationalized health care program. A nationalized health care program, Wolf, is socialism. Another thing that Barack Obama...

BLITZER: Just because it's government sponsored doesn't mean it's socialist. [...] Do you believe Medicare or Medicaid is socialist?

JEFFREY: Well, yes. Actually, I would say that Medicare and Social Security are flat-out socialism.

What. A. Clown. If support for universal health care is a litmus test for determining whether someone is a socialist, I got bad news for Terry: 66% of Americans are socialists:

Why do they let these idiots on television? And I'm not even talking about Jeffrey. Look at how Wolf ended the segment:

"All right, guys. We've got to leave it right there, but a good, serious discussion. Thanks for coming in. "


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