Biden On The RNC: "What Do You Talk About When You Can't Explain The Last Eight Years Of Failure?"

Biden gave a barnburner of a speech today in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, where he responded to some of the attacks lobbed at the Republican Convention. It just might have been more effective than his actual convention speech.

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"It's not merely a lost job, it's a lost sense of identity. I don't think my Republican friends -- and this is not your father's Republican party, by the way. So folks, when I listen to the parts of the Republican convention I can's not what I heard, it's what I didn't hear. The silence of the Republican party was deafening. It was deafening on jobs, on health care, on the environment, on all the things that matter to the people in the neighborhood's I grew up in. Deafening! Their America is not the America I live in. They see something different than I see.

"Rick Davis, John's campaign manager, said 'this election is not about issues.' Everything I saw at the convention demonstrated that.

"What do you talk about about when you have nothing to say? What do you talk about when you can't explain the last eight years of failure?"

This is the most effective I have ever heard Biden speak. All that he and Obama have to do from now until November 4 is remind people that the only thing John Bush's Republican Party has to offer is four more years of the same old irresponsible economic policies. If you like today's economy, vote McCain. If not, vote Obama. It's that simple. Hell, not even McCain's own surrogates can distinguish him from Bush.


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