Mars In Libra (Relationships) ~ What Are You Fighting For?
December 19, 2013

Mars is in Libra (personal relationships, professional partnerships), and will stay there until July 2014. We'll need to think less of ourselves and more of others - in a way that we can live individually, yet in unity. We'll be expected to use good manners, and to be respectful of other's and their boundaries. It's a time to make peace, not war.

In some areas, this can be a breath of fresh air, breathing new life into what we’re creating. As we act out on our inspirations, 'better people skills' will be what matters in the end. Equality and honesty, including the words: ‘Please, May I, Thank You, and I’m Sorry’ should be a part of our daily regimen. If they're not, you may want to start practicing, because we’ll be working very hard to relate correctly with others – if we plan to move forward.

If you step on people in this life, you’re going to come back as a cockroach. Willie Davis

Mars is very masculine. He is known as God of War, and the ruler of energy and ego. He is very uncomfortable in the balanced arena of Libra (the scales). Mars (ego) does not ask permission, and does as he pleases. In Libra, Mars will experience change, in order to learn better communications, that include decency and kindness. It's all about doing with balance, which will strongly influence our personal relationships and professional partnerships, since Libra rules this realm of 'togetherness'. And since Venus (Goddess of Love) is Libra's ruler, our relationship with our values, money, and love will also be highlighted in the months ahead. Choose your steps wisely.

Mars is aggressive, creative, and brave. It's fearless energy - where we can truly make things happen. This is a hot flame in a very breezy environment. Without awareness with self-control, this fire can move out of bounds, creating a lot of 'hot air' that becomes self-serving... creating an uncomfortable situation that leads to confrontation.

Libra rules the seventh house of personal relationships, professional partnerships, and enemies. With Mars in Libra, we may try to devour all that we can from others, feeding our own selfish desires… but we will run into a block and be stopped. This is where we'll be forced to think about what we're saying, and what we're doing.. and if it was fair AND nice. We’ll intellectualize this fiery energy in ways to move forward with others, rather than bulldozing through them.

If you aren’t asking others real questions, that require genuine listening to their full answer – then you probably don’t know much about them at all.

While we may be use to 'being on the go’, energy could get wiry because Libra is very indecisive, and needs to weigh things first. There could be a lot of pacing back and forth with thoughts of 'should I', or ‘I shouldn’t’. But this is the time that we will want to make things ‘right’, because our behavior and actions will be tried and judged in Libra. Movement will be smoother as we change our thoughts to ‘should we’ or ‘shouldn’t we'. In doing so, we become more considerate of others and their ideas, and less confrontational - creating a friendlier flow.

With Mars (energy, action) in Libra, energy will be fueled through our connection with others.. so socializing, networking, partnering, and teamwork will generously benefit us all. As we create balance with others, we are able to create balance with ourselves. In the months ahead, try to open your mind, to reach out, and get to know others. Connect with friends, family, your boss and fellow employees, your spouse, and your children in a way that helps you to get to know who they ‘really’ are. Ponder this: If you aren’t asking others real questions, that require genuine listening to their full answer – then you probably don’t know much about them at all. Don’t believe me. The proof will be in the misunderstandings, the lack of bonding, and not so pretty backlashes. What is dished out - will boomerang back - so share good things. Create good karma.

If you're thinking of ‘killing them’… kill them with kindness.

Mars in Libra is a powerful, masculine force, but he's also egotistical and selfish. There is much that can be gained if we use our efforts correctly. In it's darker side, it's shadow boxing: confrontational, angry, competitive, tricky, argumentative, and pushy. It's a lot of hot air, if we're sitting around complaining and judging - rather than being productive. Who are you fighting? What are you fighting for? Are you really fighting ‘them’ or are you actually fighting with yourself? If the answers are unclear, you'll find out with Mars triggering chaotic, destructive energy with the Uranus/Pluto square - forcing a 'major change for the better'.

In the end, detach from the ego, and just be nice... especially with the holidays and the new year right around the corner. Charm, politeness, and a nice approach will score you BIG points in the months ahead. Kindness DOES matter, and while it helps to attract positive energy, it also displays the beauty that we carry (or don't carry) in our heart. Be a light, and stay blessed.

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