Hannity Announces Plan To Outline The 'Conservative Solution Agenda For America'


We all already know that right-wing hate radio talkers and the pundits on Fox "news" are leading Republicans around by the nose and setting their agenda for them, but it's not that often that they openly admit it as Sean Hannity did here.

During his "year-end countdown" which aired this Wednesday, Hannity opened one of his segments with his picks for the "biggest winners for 2013." Here's who they included:

5. George W. Bush
4. Payton Manning
3. Pope Francis
2. Dr. Ben Carson
1. Cruz, Paul, Rubio & Lee

I'm not going to even begin to dissect everything that's wrong with those choices and will just leave that to anyone who wants to comment on it here. I wasn't surprised that someone like Hannity would make those picks. What did surprise me was what he said towards the end of the segment. While discussing the four Senators that were at the top of his list and what their influence is going to be on the Republican party, Hannity wrapped things up by letting his audience know how he plans to start off the new year:

HANNITY: Just to add one little selfish plug here, come January, I'm outlining what the conservative solution agenda for America should be. I'm not reinventing the wheel, but if we do that, they will have an agenda to run on and positive besides we know Barack Obama's awful. What are you going to do that's going to change the world to make it better and put kids back to work?

How nice of Hannity to offer his services for them. Who wants to take a guess as to what's going to be on the "agenda" he lays out? Tax cuts? School vouchers? Privatizing Social Security and Medicare?


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