Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough led the charge against Harry Reid in their quest to save the billionaires from Reid's relentless attacks against money in politics.
May 15, 2014

What to do when you're a billionaire with the leader of the Senate breathing down your neck? Get that librul media on the case, of course! Chuck Todd and Joe Scarborough were at the ready, breathing fire down the necks of 'crazy bloggers' who dared to expose them back in the early days and aiming slings and arrows at Harry Reid.

At one point, they used Reid's discussion of Sheldon Adelson during an interview with Todd to say Reid is a liar with selective values when it comes to billionaires. But if you watch what Reid said, he didn't defend Adelson. He simply said his motives came from ideology rather than a lust for billionaire bucks. He also pointed out that Adelson doesn't go after social issues.

It was an awkward moment in that interview, and one that you might expect would come back to haunt him. But that doesn't excuse Scarborough coming out and calling Reid an outright liar, which is what he did.

No one disagreed, by the way, including our erstwhile Chuck Todd, who took a moment to declare Reid and McConnell the 'worst Senate leadership in his lifetime.' Why? Because they won't appear together on Meet the Press like in the old days. Of course, he forgot that the reason there's less collegiality in the Senate is because Republicans refuse to even sit at the table and talk, much less get anything done.

Then again, Chuck's job isn't to fact-check, it's just to let things roll the way he sees them, right?

The point Reid was trying to make in that segment was that there's just too much money in politics and the Kochs get credit for that, since they're the ones funding and coordinating right-wing Billionaire Bucks. That point was lost in the "both sides do it" dance that ensued, along with Chuck and Joe's factless slams on everyone from "crazy bloggers" to Harry Reid.

For the record, I was one of the "crazy bloggers" who first wrote about the Koch brothers back in early 2009 when I was trying to figure out who was behind all of the astroturf opposition to the Affordable Care Act. Nothing I wrote has been proven untrue, so I would like to challenge Chuck to defend his characterization of us as crazy.

He won't, nor will he and Scarborough retract their unfair characterization of Harry Reid as a liar. In the end, those Billionaire Bucks help sign a paycheck for Chuck Todd and the whole Morning Joe crew. That should disqualify all of them from engaging in judgment on those of us who object, but instead viewers get even more propaganda.

Perspective is everything. Let's see how quick Chuck and Joe would be to defend the Kochs if they found themselves in ordinary folks' shoes trying to fight against the constant barrage of lies and misinformation intended to lead people into voting for Koch interests instead of their own.


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