Open Carry Coming To Washington, DC -- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

Open Carry Coming To Washington, DC -- What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

On Saturday, Judge Frederick Scullin, Jr. overturned the Washington DC ban on carrying weapons within the District, declaring it a violation of Second Amendment rights.

What could possibly go wrong? The next time crazy mofo Adam Kokesh decides that an armed march on Washington, DC is a great idea, I can certainly see where Larry Pratt's organization and the NRA might call their members to join the fun, can't you? That's what we need, an armed insurrection at the gates of the White House.

That flopped Operation American Spring might be revived just in time for those wingnuts to storm the gates of the White House too, this time armed and dangerous.

When guns are part of the overall picture, the balance in any situation changes. The reason for the crazy Open Carry movement is clear -- to demonstrate who has the power and who doesn't. Never mind that the innocent bystander killed in the Las Vegas shooting last month was the guy who was armed and carrying. They just took him out with their bigger, badder guns.

Judge Scullin reported reimbursement for attending a seminar in Florida sponsored by the Charles Koch George Mason University Law and Economics Center, aka Mercatus Center in 2010. But I'm sure that didn't have anything to do with his ultimate ruling. It was just an unfortunate coincidence. Right?

Thanks to this judge and the US Supreme Court's incredibly wrong Heller ruling, we are returning to the days of the Wild West. What's next? Duels in the street?


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