Dick Cheney Beats War Drums, Accuses Obama Of 'Facilitating' Muslim Brotherhood
September 10, 2014

Yesterday Dick Cheney went for the whole lying, fat-laced hog during his meetup with House Republicans. He didn't just beat the drums for war, he turned up the volume and strapped on a mic in anticipation of his appearance at the Koch-operated American Enterprise Institute today.

Invoking all of his favorite fear zombies, Cheney put out a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood.

According to Rep. John Fleming of Louisiana, Cheney said Obama “has actually done things that have supported the Muslim Brotherhood.” The former vice president then went on to name the Muslim Brotherhood as “the beginning of all the Islamist groups that we’re dealing with now like Hamas and ISIS.”

In Fleming’s account, Cheney said that by “facilitating the Muslim Brotherhood…our policies have been exactly opposite to where they should be.”

Fleming’s description of the meeting was echoed by Rep. Peter King of New York, who said that while Cheney didn’t criticize “the Rand Paul types” in the GOP—a group that King often derides—he did call for “comprehensive” action that is even more aggressive than what Obama has in mind.

F*ck Dick Cheney with a hot poker. He's a fearmongering criminal who wears the blood of 4,000 American soldiers and thousands of Iraqi civilians on his head.

House Republicans practically fell all over themselves praising the war criminal for his "strong words." Huffington Post:

"It was a great message, something we needed to hear, and hopefully it sticks with a lot of my colleagues who've kind of had this creep towards isolationalism in the Congress lately," said Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-Ill.), an Iraq veteran. "Hopefully this is an awakening that we have to be very strong and very serious."

Reichert added that Cheney -- who in 2003 erroneously linked Iraq to the 9/11 attacks despite the lack of evidence -- did so again in his pitch Tuesday.

"He mentioned the 9/11 attack was accomplished by people who came to this country with airplane tickets and box cutters and killed over 3,000 people," Reichert said. "What he said is that as ISIS and other terrorist groups -- the Muslim Brotherhood, the Taliban, al Qaeda, etc. -- gain strength and no action is taken or perceived weaknesses are seen, there's a greater chance America could be attacked again, and this time it won't be box cutters and airplane tickets."

I loved this bit of nonsense:

A number of the lawmakers said neither they nor the public want to look back at the mistakes of the past.

"This is a complex issue. I don't want to relitigate the past -- why we went in in the first place, the president's decision in 2011 to withdraw every last troop," said Rep. Charlie Dent (R-Pa.). "At this point, I think we have to look forward not backward."

Of course he doesn't want to relitigate the past, because if he did, he'd have to admit with a great deal of shame that the very reason we're having to deal with these bloody extremists today is because of our actions in that region for the past 20 years, starting with Saint Effing Ronnie.

The fact that Darth is out there pumping more fear about the Muslim Brotherhood is evidence he still has no clue about the region and the issues there.

Because for Cheney, it's all about the oil and it always has been.

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