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Pat Robertson: People Don't Live To Be 969 Anymore Because Of Noah's Flood

Pat Robertson believes that after Noah's flood, climate change happened, and it lost many of its bacteria and microbes that kept us living over 900 years old.

Crotchety Uncle Pat is at it again. On the 700 Club, he was asked by a caller why people in the Bible lived so much longer than they do now. Apparently everybody ions ago lived over 300 years without blinking an eye even though Methuselah's 969 years was the bench mark, but Robertson had an answer. The dang flood that Noah had to deal with caused climate change.

Pat Robertson may be a stalwart denier of climate change, but today on “The 700 Club” the televangelist conceded that climate change did occur in biblical times, and that’s why humans no longer live to be 950 years old like Noah, or make it to 969 like Noah’s grandfather Methuselah.

“Apparently, after the Flood there wasn’t as much moisture in the air, there weren’t as many bacteria, microbes and things like that and maybe the climate was such that salts on our bodies weren’t as severe,” he said. “But after the Flood, God said the years of a man is going to be 120 years.”

See, doesn't that make sense? Maybe if Pat Robertson was the head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, we'd all live to 187 years old.


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