October 23, 2014

Fox's Tucker Carlson and his buddy Bill Hemmer weren't going to let their cohort Sean Hannity be the only one piling on President Obama failing to call the shooting rampage in Canada yesterday an "act of terror" quickly enough to suit them.

Just like Hannity, Carlson and Hemmer used the tragedy to rehash the same attacks we saw from the network following the Fort Hood shooting, where they were all terribly upset that the incident was being called an act of workplace violence and as Dave Neiwert explained at the time, using the shooting as a fresh excuse to scapegoat Muslims.

Carlson decided to take a page right out of Bill O'Reilly's playbook as well and not only attack President Obama for his supposed deference to those awful Islamic terrorists he loves so much, but used the occasion to call imaginary liberals that only exist in wingers like Carlson's mind America-haters who want to appease the terrorists as well.

You can give this entitled rich snob credit for one thing. He's got the talking points his Uncle Rupert has paid him to memorize and repeat ad nauseam down pat.

HEMMER: Did you notice a difference in tone?


HEMMER: What did you think?

CARLSON: Well, I would say they're both being disingenuous. Canada is intimidated and has every good reason to be and the U.S. did have enough information hours before the president said we don't have enough information, we locked down the U.S. embassy in Ottawa. Why? Because we had enough information to know that this was an expression of Islamic terror.

This was a terror attack. We knew that. It wasn't an example of workplace violence. Canada has a real problem. Canada, because of its immigration policy, a very liberal immigration policy, has the fastest growing Muslim population in the region. It's now the fastest growing religion in Canada. Toronto has more Muslims than any place in North America, and so they understand that there's a real risk. […]

HEMMER: Come back to the president though. What he just said there is we have to counter terrorist attacks in our country. He kind of backed into it a little bit, right? He kind of laid into it. He didn't just come out and make it the headline. But you know the Canadians, this guy had a long rap sheet.


HEMMER: Once they identified him, they know who he is and they've been watching him. They took his passport away Tucker.

CARLSON: Exactly. And this again was all information that the U.S. government would have had as well and would be completely known to the president. I mean, it was obvious to anybody who was watching cable news yesterday pretty much exactly what was going on and those early hunches were right.

There is this belief apparently on the part of the Obama administration that if you don't say things out loud perhaps they won't actually be real and so if we don't identify something as an act of Islamic terror, maybe it wasn't, or maybe we won't see further acts of Islamic terror.

I think the evidence suggests that's the opposite of the way you ought to approach things like this. You ought to call things by their real names.

HEMMER: I wonder if we hear from him today and Josh Earnest said the briefing will probably get questions on it too. I think what comes back to mind is 2009 and the shooting at Fort Hood in Texas...

CARLSON: Exactly.

HEMMER: … when it was labeled workplace violence, when you had eyewitnesses with the gunman standing over there yelling "Allahu Akbar!" and still to this day, it's characterized as workplace violence. Now why is that mentality still present in this administration today Tucker?

CARLSON: Because saying it out loud seems mean to them. I mean, political correctness you would think wouldn't play any role at this level when people are shooting other people, when you have discrete acts of terror, you would think concerns about hurting other people's feelings wouldn't even factor into the equation, and yet it does.

They don't want to seem like they are somehow biased against Islam, even radical Islam and that's because, you know, that would be violating the basic tenet of modern liberalism, which is the West is bad, the rest of the world is morally superior to us and anyone who, you know, doesn't agree with that is a bigot. You know the rules.


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