January 18, 2015

"It's not my job" Chuck Todd remained true to form this Sunday when he allowed Sen. Lindsey Graham to double down on his over the top fearmongering on Fox last week.

TODD: I want to follow up on two other things very quickly. Last week you said something pretty provocative about the president. You said when he left Iraq he did so based on a campaign promise. He's trying to close Gitmo based on a campaign promise. His campaign promises are getting a lot of people killed. Is that proper rhetoric? You think the President of the United States is getting people killed?

GRAHAM: I think his policies are getting people killed. I think sound military advice was given to the president to leave a residual force in Iraq and he turned it down and as a result, Iraq has collapsed. His entire national security team suggested three or four years ago to create a no-fly zone and train the Free Syrian Army while it mattered.

Almost 300,000 people have been killed in Syria on his watch. Syria, the worst is yet to come. Lebanon and Jordan have closed their borders. Where do the people in Syria, where do they go now? Hell on earth is about to descend on Syria and it matters to us.

Safe havens in Jordan and Syria and Iraq by ISIL and other terrorist groups are a direct threat to the United States. Letting people out of Gitmo in this environment I think is irresponsible, so yes, his campaign promises should be adjusted based on reality.

Todd responded by moving right along to the next topic, which was whether or not Graham is considering running for president. Apparently it was asking too much for him to ask a follow up question, or mention the status of forces agreement made by Bush, or who is responsible for the instability in the entire region in the first place. Heaven forbid Graham and his buddies might not want to come back on the show again if he had.

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