On Friday, Jesse Watters took a tour of L.A.'s ethnic neighborhoods -- and was greatly amused by the fact that they're so ... ethnic.
February 15, 2015

Bill O'Reilly's broadcast his show from Los Angeles last week. On Friday, Jesse Watters, who does filmed segments on the show (he's typically seen mocking high school students as lefty simpletons or trying to ambush New York mayor Bill de Blasio), took a tour of L.A.'s ethnic neighborhoods -- and was greatly amused by the fact that they're so ... ethnic.

Here' how Fox Nation advertised the Watters piece:


Acupuncture! Its very existence is so hysterically funny!

Watters gets to the acupuncturist at 1:02 in the clip. There's this exchange:

"Do you have ObamaCare?" Watters asked.

"ObamaCare does cover acupuncture," the nurse said.


Um, you know what else covers acupuncture? My employer-provided insurance. I popped my zip code into my the provider search on my insurer's website and found 23 acupuncturists within range who'll take my insurance. (I live in Manhattan, so your results may vary.)

I'm an alternative-medicine skeptic, but acupuncture's effectiveness seems to be demonstrated on a fairly regular basis. However, I'm sure the O'Reilly audience thinks acupuncture is jut the sort of exotic nutball idea that foreignerObama would advocate, with their tax dollars. Impeach!

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