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Ted Cruz Says Factchecking Him Is The 'Yellow Journalism' Of 'Politi-fact'

Caught in his lies, Cruz deflects answering the question by saying fact-checking politicians is now yellow journalism

Sen. Ted Cruz spoke to John Harwood of CNBC and answered ten questions with very interesting results. I chose one such Q&A, but there's more there to mock.

He not only lied about the amount of IRS workers in a speech and the job-killing nature of Obamacare, but when caught in his lies, he deflects answering the question by saying fact checking politicians is now - yellow journalism.

Harwood: You've said a few things that don't necessarily comport with the facts, like, "125,000 I.R.S. agents, send 'em to the border." They've only got 25,000 agents or something like. You've talked about the job-killing nature of Obamacare. We're adding jobs at a very healthy clip right now. Why shouldn't somebody listen to you and say, "The guy'll just say anything - doesn't have to be true"?

Cruz: There is a game that is played by left-wing editorial writers. It's this new species of yellow journalism called politi-fact. Colloquially I was referring to all the employees as agents.

That particular stat is in a joke I used. So, they're literally fact-checking a joke. I say that explicitly tongue in cheek.

Everything he said that is categorically wrong was a joke. My, bad..

Tina Nguyen debunks his joke claim very nicely.


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