Larry Wilmore Rips Apart Fox Haters' Attacks On Michelle Obama Commencement Speech


The Nightly Show's Larry Wilmore let the talking heads over on Faux "news" have it for their attacks on First Lady Michelle Obama's commencement speech at Tuskegee University this week.

First up was hater Angela McGlowan, who as we discussed here, attacked Michelle Obama for supposedly owing her success to affirmative action.

WILMORE: Hold on. Slow your roll Fox's convenient black friend. Hold on. No, no, no. You can't slam affirmative action because you say it's condescending to black people, and then at the same time accuse obviously brilliant black people of getting in because of affirmative action.

Let me tell you. You know what affirmative action is? When a coke snorting alcohol guzzling son of a CIA director DUI's his way into Yale, and ultimately into the Oval Office because his daddy was in both places. That's affirmative action.

After asking if there was any more "black on black lady crime" over at Fox, Wilmore quickly got his answer with yet another segment and one of their regulars, Deneen Borelli accusing the First Lady of race baiting during her speech and pretending that she "wasted an opportunity" to tell young people that "if I can do it, you can do it too."

As Wilmore rightfully noted, if Borelli had maybe bothered to watch what was in Michelle Obama's speech, maybe she would have heard her do just that.

Last but not least was Coultergeist and her claim that we were going to get the "black perspective" from her attacks on Michelle Obama. After showing a bit of that rancid interview where Coulter claimed that Michelle Obama somehow got into Princeton, but "can't read" Wilmore let her have it.

WILMORE: To be clear, Ann Coulter feels the First Lady got into Princeton without the ability to read. Alright. She's on a news network and she's giving the black perspective, so who am I to argue?

After showing a bit more of Coulter blaming racism on the Democrats and trying to revise history, Wilmore took her to school and gave her a reminder of which party is the one that's been playing the race card for quite along time, and it's not the Democrats.


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