Stewart: Trump 'Living Embodiment Of Everything Republicans Were Trying To Exorcise'


The Daily Show's Jon Stewart had a bit of fun this Thursday with the RNC's Reince Priebus and how well The Donald has been helping them out with that Hispanic and women's outreach program of theirs.

Stewart started things off with reminding everyone about what RNC Chair Reince Priebus had to say over the last few years about the Republican party and how they need to learn the lessons of their failures during the past couple of presidential elections.

PRIEBUS: The perception that we're the party of the rich, unfortunately continues to grow. Focus groups described our party as narrow minded, out of touch and "stuffy old men."

As Stewart noted, Priebus seemed to believe that his party's big problem was their "image" as being "a bunch of rich, out of touch white men, who are alienating Latinos and women." Aaaaannndddd of course here comes Trump to give them a little help in that regard, the clear leader of the Republican field, which made Jon Stewart very, very happy.

STEWART: Yes, the living embodiment of everything Republicans were trying to exorcise from their party, just escalated down on their parade.

Cue the recent footage of Trump bragging about how rich he is, calling Mexicans rapists and the most recent hateful crap to come out of his mouth calling a woman names who needed to take a break from a meeting to breast feed.

STEWART: How's that outreach going to Latinos and women again? Listen, I'm sure Trump was only disgusted by the breast feeding because it was the first time he realized... "Wait, boobs can do dat... what?"

Stewart went onto lambast the billionaires who are used to just paying for the GOP candidates, and not having one of their fellow crazies out there actually running themselves and the fact that the RNC has lost all control of the debate process and ceded their power to Fox and Roger Ailes, who will be the one to decide who ends up on that debate stage when there are so many of them running within the margin of error in the polls.

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I'm actually looking forward to seeing how much more of a monkey wrench Trump throws into their first debate next week. They were already a joke and a clown show to begin with. Trump just assures the crazy is going to be amped up to eleven.

If Fox weren't so worried about their ratings, they'd just spread it out over a night or two and put maybe four or five of them on stage at once and make them all answer some substantive policy questions. Right now I think they could care less as long as they get some big ratings and the voters learn nothing about any of their actual policies unless they're hot button issues that get their base worked into a frenzy.


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