January 6, 2016

Desperately trying to win in New Hampshire and keep his floundering campaign alive, N.J. Governor, Chris Christie (R) weighed in (no pun intended) on current events with the three morning savants on the curvy couch at Fox and Friends. Now that North Korea has allegedly tested a Hydrogen bomb, it's time to bash the leadership of President Barack Obama and President Hillary Clinton (or so it would seem) by his phraseology.

"It's been a weak response by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for the last seven years; three of the four tests occurred on Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's watch."

That's an interesting assertion, as the dates of the four tests were 2006, 2009, 2013 and January 2016. By realistic calculations, Hillary was only Secretary of State during one of those tests.

Christie is blaming President Obama and of course Hillary for Putin's invasion of Crimea, which had massive support from Russians living in the former Ukranian region, but that was our president's leadership deficit that allowed that to occur. What about the original declaration of their nuclear program which occurred in 2003 and the 2006 nuclear test during the Bush 43 Administration? I can't recall an instance where anyone blamed President Bush for the aggressive acts of Pyongyang, can you? I would love to see what his actual definition of leadership is. I imagine it involves a lot of invading, bombing, occupying and totally screwing up traffic.

Governor Christie said if he were president, 'we wouldn't have been playing footsie with the Iranians.' He didn't specify what the problem is with Iran right now, since the Iran Deal has so far succeeded, and what he considers footsie is actually, working diplomacy. Good to know.

It's funny how Christie labels President Obama a 'petulant child.' He said this during his appearance on Fox News Sunday, where he was embarrassed by the host, rather refreshingly. Christie claims he's such a big Second Amendment advocate, but Chris Wallace had a surprise for him.

WALLACE: But the report seemed to case, sir, that you have flipped on gun control. They know, critics do, in 2013 when you were running for reelection, that you signed ten bills tightening gun restrictions, including banning handgun purchases by people on the terror watch list and the NRA that year when you were running for reelection only gave you a "C". And they say, critics do, and some of them, yes, your rivals, say that you have changed your tune on gun control since you started running for president.

This was followed by a denial, of course, because if Christie's lips are moving, he is lying. To shift away from this negative press, he avoided the issue of the implementation of sensible gun regulation, and harped on the Obama Administration's alleged lack of support for law enforcement. Our LEOs are experiencing a chill wind, as Christie puts it, because, as was evident in the Tamir Rice case, those two officers were so harshly (NOT) scrutinized.

If he really wants to reduce violence, start jailing, aggressively, those folks who are felons, who are in possession of a handgun, and who are using those handguns in the commission of crimes. And, if the president would unleash the forces of the federal law enforcement system to work together with local law enforcement we'd reduce violence all across this country. He doesn't understand that, I'm a former Federal Prosecutor, I did it in New Jersey, when I was a prosecutor, and I will make sure I'd lead the fight as president, with a strong Attorney General, to lower gun violence in this country. But not through passing laws and regulations on law abiding citizens but on criminals on the street.

How would he find these criminals more effectively? He's surely gung ho about increasing the powers of the NSA and other spying instruments, so there's that. Would he use more guns, more militarization of the cops? Probably.

The latest addition to the weekday show, the mandatory blonde in the middle, was promoted from her weekend spot, sitting next to Tucker Carlson. Anna Kooiman helped Christie out with a few softballs. She suggested that President Obama is only concerned about his legacy, because he is a selfish Kenyan Muslim who wants to leave everyone gunless. She asks,

"Is now is the time to be restricting Second Amendment rights on citizens who are just trying to protect themselves?"

Great idea, Anna! Because everyone who (is White and) has a gun is a pristine, law-abiding citizen, who never experiences divorce, mental illness, drug abuse, job loss or any of the catalysts for gun tragedy in this country. We wouldn't want to mention the elephant in the room, Christie, and conveniently forget about all the daily tragedies involving kids and other law abiding citizens who accidentally procure guns.

The Bridgegate Governor had to get a dig in on Chicago and New York City's homicide rates, insinuating that those are the worst places in the country for gun violence. He pretends there's been no obscene proliferation of guns, and fails to mention that he has previously supported some sensible gun regulations; but now, he is a giant pander bear to the NRA. These ruby-red Republican states, whose cities rank in the top 5 for violence for both large and medium-sized urban areas, never seem to make the discussion.

Big and Medium Cities: Top 5 Most Violent (per 100,000 residents



He wants everyone to forget about the George Washington Bridge scandal, among others, while bashing President Obama and Hillary Clinton on matters that no other Republican has ever successfully handled.

Hell, the GOP has caused practically all the gripes that he puts upon President Obama. An uptick in the incidents of gun violence is very likely due to the NRA's proliferation of more deadly firearms and their murderous enablers in Congress. More world instability is certainly the result of the policies of W's American Exceptionalism and his obstinate aversion to diplomacy. We really don't need any more bloviating bullies. Donald Trump fits that niche quite well. There's literally no room for you, Chris Christie.

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