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Donald Trump Lies About Mocking Disabled Reporter

Shorter Donald Trump -- who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?

Shorter Donald Trump -- who are you going to believe? Me or your lying eyes?

Here he is on CNN's State of the Union this Sunday basically pinky-swearing that he really, really wasn't mocking that disabled reporter from The New York Times.

TAPPER: Let's talk about an ad that Jeb Bush is running in which he calls you a -- quote -- "jerk."

Specifically he talks about the remarks you made at that rally where many people interpreted, and I know you reject it, but many people interpreted that to be you making fun of a reporter's disability. Now, I have heard from parents of children with disabilities who were really hurt and offended and don't believe your denial. If you could go back and do it again, would you do it differently? I know that you say that you were --

TRUMP: Yes, I would.

But let me just tell you something, I have no idea what this reporter looked like or that he had difficulty. OK. He said he met me in the '80s. He said he knew me in the '80s. He worked for the "Daily News." I don't remember that. And I have a very good memory, I don't remember that. But I had no idea who this reporter was, what he looked like. OK? I mean, I give you my word on that.

What I didn't like is the reporter wrote a story, like 15 years ago about, you know, having to do with the World Trade Center...

TAPPER: Right.

TRUMP: ... and about the dancing on the streets, which was a good story for me, in terms of making my point, he tried to take back that story. I said he was groveling. Groveling, you know what graveling means. OK?


TRUMP: And I said, the reporter -- I didn't know who the reporter was, but I said a reporter was groveling. I'm just imitating a reporter. I was not imitating -- I would never -- who would ever do that? If somebody had a disability who would mock a disability? I would never -- I'm a smart person. I went to the Wharton School of Finance, like smart, good student, my uncle, professor at MIT, and all that stuff, who would ever mock somebody, especially in you're running for office? I would never do that.

Who would make fun of a someone with disabilities? How about you, you lying, bloviating asshole? Here's the clip for anyone who hasn't already watched it.

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