February 13, 2016

Ted Cruz knows better than anyone what the history of Supreme Court nominations are, and he knows damn well that Anthony Kennedy was confirmed by the Senate in Ronald Reagan's final year of his presidency.

But he went ahead and said it anyway, prompting John Dickerson to correct him.

Incredibly (or perhaps not), the audience booed the correction.

Your lunatic Republican party at work.

UPDATE: Here transcript of the exchange thanks to our own Sarah P.

DICKERSON: Where do you set that date if you are president? Does it begin in election year? Will you abide by it?

CRUZ: Well we have 80 years of precedent of not confirming Supreme Court Justices in an election year and let me say...(overtalk)

DICKERSON: Were any appointed in an election year or is that (overtalk)

CRUZ: 80 years of not confirming. For example LBJ nominated Abe Fortis. He was not confirmed, he was defeated.

DICKERSON: But Kennedy was confirmed in '88?

CRUZ: No, Kennedy was confirmed in '87.

DICKERSON: He was appointed in '87, he was confirmed in '88. Is it apppointing or confirming?

CRUZ: In this case, it is both. But can I answer the question?

DICKERSON: I just want to get the facts straight for the the audience.


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