April 10, 2016

A constant meme in the conservative media is that President Obama hates America and visits foreign countries to promote his "U.S. apology tour" to the world.

“I think the question is why is he so angry at America?” Stein said. “I don’t think there’s much question that he does not wish America well. He has a real strong hatred of America. Is it because he’s part black? I don’t know. Is it because his father was mistreated by the British in Kenya? I don’t know.

It's all nonsense of course, but that is the reality of how conservative talkers and politicians love to paint our current president. Rudy Giuliani, once a front runner for the GOP nomination back in 2008, said it this way:

I do not believe, and I know this is a horrible thing to say, but I do not believe that the president loves America. He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.

Blowhards like Erick Erickson, have proclaimed, "Barack Obama does not like the United States."

It's part of their act to de-Americanize him and make him appear as a foreigner from his own country. They had hoped it would have destroyed his chances at being elected and then reelected again, but it failed. Now they do it to delegitimize his presidency. Unfortunately for them, his approval ratings are soaring threw the roof at this.

On today's Fox News Sunday broadcast, while discussing the polarization of the country, President Obama told Chris Wallace that America is the "envy of the world."

President Obama: I want, occasionally, people to step back and take a look. America’s got the best cards. We are the envy of the world. We have the most powerful military on earth, by a mile.

Our economy right now, is stronger than any other advanced economy. We have the best workers, we have the best universities. We are the most innovative. We have the most advanced scientific community. We have an incredibly diverse and talented population.

This can be our century, just like the 20th century was, as long as we don’t tear each other apart, because our politics value sensationalism or conflict, over cooperation, and we don’t have the ability to compromise. And if we get that part right, nobody can stop us.

Wow, Obama praised America! This can't be right. No, it can't be right at all!

Is he actually saying we have the most powerful military on the planet? That has to be ma mistake because almost all the GOP presidential candidates told me so.

Frontrunner Donald Trump has most consistently described the U.S. armed forces as “a disaster,” “very weak” and steadily “being decimated.” In New Hampshire earlier this month, he said, “We don’t win with the military, we can’t beat ISIS. We don’t win with anything.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has similarly contended that the U.S. military is “debilitated” and has faced “seven years of neglect,” and that its “ability to project power and obtain air superiority is tragically anemic.” During the most recent Republican debate, he placed the blame on President Obama for having “dramatically degraded our military.” Cruz also claimed that the alleged debilitation was the result of strict rules of engagement imposed upon the military, calling it “immoral” that U.S. service members are forced to “fight with their arms tied behind their back. They cannot defend themselves.”

In December, when Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) was asked about Cruz’s initial pledge to “carpet bomb” the Islamic State, Rubio did not denounce the war crime, but rather replied, “You can’t carpet bomb ISIS if you don’t have planes and bombs to attack them with.” Rubio has also claimed that the Obama administration was “weakening” the military and “eviscerating” military spending. Subsequently, Rubio believes that “America’s influence has declined while this president has destroyed our military.”

Finally, the remaining hanging-on GOP candidates, and those who have dropped out, echoed their competitors in describing an enfeebled U.S. military. Former Governor Jeb Bush labeled the lack of military readiness “quite scary,” Ben Carson argued “We have weakened ourselves militarily to such an extent that if affects all of our military policies,” while Governor Chris Christie stated, “The military is not ready. …We need to rebuild our military, and this president has let it diminish to a point where tinpot dictators like the mullahs in Iran are taking our Navy ships.”

I can't wait to see the reaction from Conservatives.

Not for nothing, but why do Republicans hate the military so much?

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