May 6, 2016

Earlier today, Neil Cavuto earnestly explained to former Mexican president Vicente Fox that Trump's tweet featuring a taco bowl really, really is an olive branch from Donald Trump:

Setting the stage, Cavuto said, "All right. I think they call this an olive branch, or it could be a taco bowl, but to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, Donald Trump -- well, enjoying this fine classic Mexican dish in his Trump Tower offices, and reminding folks how much he loves Hispanics,"

A taco bowl is not an olive branch. It's evidence of nothing other than the fact that Donald Drumpf can pander stupidly.

"I see now that he is now having some enchiladas and some Mexican food. I hope he will not get an indigestion," President Fox countered.

Cavuto then worked very hard to convince President Fox that Drumpf doesn't really hate Mexicans and didn't call them rapists and murderers.

CAVUTO: Well we got a problem here though, Mr. President, right? We've got a problem in this country. I know, I understand and your biased for the Mexicans and the Mexican people, but do you think it goes a little too far when you claim that he's a bigot? I've covered the guy for 30 plus years, I've never seen any indication of that. He wasn't against, you know, Mexicans, the way that was played, the way you kind of reacted to it. He was against those who get into the country illegally and don't play by the rules. What is wrong with that?

FOX: Well he did not clearly expressed what he meant. He's been aggressive with every single component of the community, society, nations. But let's get to the point.

CAVUTO: But no, my only point is that he did not indict all Mexicans, he did not indict all Hispanics, he did not indict all immigrants.

(Transcript via Media Matters)

How many is too many, Neil? How many immigrants does he have to call rapists and murderers before it might as well be all of them?

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