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RoJo Splunges On T. Rump

Mighty fancy two-stepping

Ron Johnson, Wisconsin's Dumb Senator, appeared on CNN's "State of the Union" with Dana Bash. It was not RoJo's most glorious moment to be sure.

The first question Bash asked RoJo was whether he supported Republican delegates that are pledged to Hair Furor. RoJo immediately did a little sidestep and started talking about his campaign, spitting out his campaign't talking points (something he did as frequently as he could).

Bash then pointed out that a month ago, RoJo said that he would endorse the Republican nominee, which appeared to be T. Rump. She asked RoJo if he followed through and had endorsed T. Rump yet.

RoJo really laid out some fancy footwork that would have made Fred Astaire envious. RoJo backed way off from his previous claims of deep support for The Toupeed One. That portion ended up with RoJo parsing the difference between supporting and endorsing, which made RoJo look utterly cowardly and spineless.

That's a long way from RoJo where really was last month. He not only said that he would endorse T. Rump, but actually compared himself to Trump, saying that's why they were both going to win in November:

Johnson, R-Oshkosh, told reporters Friday that voters are hungry for candidates like him and Trump, who aren’t career politicians.

“People with a different perspective, from the business sector, from the private sector — we know how to solve problems,” Johnson said. “I think the American public is saying: ‘Give these folks a chance.’ ”

RoJo was actually correct. There are a lot more similarities between him and T. Rump than RoJo would probably care to admit right now.

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