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Trey Gowdy Admits To Reporters The 'Clinton Lied, People Died' Bumper Stickers Were Wrong

The final Benghazi investigation only proved what the other reports did also when Gowdy said, "You don’t see that t-shirt on me"

The Benghazi Committee finally issued its full report which has taken around seven million dollars and two years to complete. The behemoth is 800 pages long, with supposedly some new information, but not the kind that Republicans hoped it would contain.

Once again their findings, as with all the other Benghazi investigations said, "does not specifically blame former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for events that led to the deaths of four Americans."

During a press conference today by the Republican committee members, Trey Gowdy was flustered into admitting that she was not responsible for the four tragic deaths on that horrible night.

The reporter said, "..there are bumper stickers here are bumper stickers and t-shirts all over this country that say ‘Hillary Clinton lied, people died’ - is that true?"

That question goes to the heart of why we've had so many investigations on the attack. It was all about destroying a political rival for the presidency.

Rep. Gowdy replied, "You don’t see that t-shirt on me, and you've never seen that bumper sticker on any of my vehicles and you’ve never heard me comment on that.”

"Can you shed any light on that?"

"Have you read it? (800 page report) I'm asking you to read it. I'm not going to tell you what to look our for, I'm gonna tell you there's new information."

It's outrageous that Trey begged reporters to read the 800 pages of his report to find his new information.

This witch hunt...errrr. I mean investigation, has left a blot on Gowdy's career as he's been vilified by his fellow conservatives ever since he looked pathetic against HRC's eleven hour interrogation by his committee.

(h/t Mediaite)

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