June 27, 2016

Some days a clip comes across the Crooks and Liars desk that just takes the breath away.

I usually get those clips. Apparently I have some sort of talent writing about Ted Cruz sex toys, Ed Henry Las Vegas Hostess hotel sex, and lustre prints of Peggy Noonan and Henry Kissinger.

So I get the "Eww" beat here at C&L.

This one tops (oh, sorry) them all. Alex Jones interviewing Roger Stone about the possibility that their dreamboat Donald Trump might be removed as nominee at the RNC. Dreamboat is not an exaggeration. During the interview, Stone actually compares Trump to Gary Cooper.

AND THEN things get weird.

Alex Jones suggests that he and Stone and Drudge call out their listeners to come to Cleveland in advance of the RNC to protest Cleveland's rules about protest at the convention. There is conversation that Trump supporters will be put "in a pen" with Black Lives Matters folks (yeah) and the result will be violence.

Jones insists that he is a "pen is mightier than the sword guy" and then the conversation morphs into not protesting Cleveland officials but the "arrogant" people who would deny Trump the nomination through "shenanigans": Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, and the Koch brothers. Right Wing Watch picks it up from there:

The two claimed that local officials are trying to stoke violence among the various RNC demonstrators, which led Jones to wonder if they should hold a rally before the convention where “we all wear gag balls in our mouth.”

“If they steal the nomination, it will cause a revolution,” Jones said. “They’re that arrogant, though. Obviously, common sense is, he’s won more votes than any Republican in history, he’s the nominee, he’s the populist, he’s got 25 percent of blacks going for him, Republicans can’t even get 10 percent, he’s got the gays all behind him now, he’s reaching out, we’re finding the real Donald Trump that you and I already knew. It’s total victory.

Jones said that if Trump is somehow defeated at the convention, we will reach the point where he will be forced to give b**wjobs to people like George Will: “At what point do I not get on my knees then and bow down and ask George Will to pull it out? Do I bow to George Will and say no to George Will, ‘I’m not getting on my knees and do a you know what’?”

“See you in Cleveland and get your gag ready,” Stone said.

I only have two words for these gentlemen:


PS. As you watch the video, please note the yuuge series of NIXON portraits behind Stone. Big Nixons are clearly a thing in Roger Stone's world.

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