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Ben Carson Tells Fox Business Democrats Want To 'Get Rid Of All The Rich People'

Welcome to another foggy day in the mind of Dr. Ben Carson!

Charles Payne was hosting Fox Business both before and after Donald Trump's economic speech in Detroit and had on Dr. Ben Carson immediately afterward to share with us his incredible insights with his knowledge of economics.

Carson just about stopped Payne in his tracks when he said that the Left wants to get rid of all rich people in America.

Dr. Ben opened up by relating how enthralled he was by Trump's speech because for the most part he read the text from the teleprompter and didn't improvise all that much.

"I don't think Hillary has anything that even comes close to being on par to this...'

Carson then led us down our country's history and was amazed how we became the world's financial giant so quickly because "we allowed people to do things."

He then equated the good old days to socialism because Obama is a Muslim socialist and he said, "Where you spend everything you can get until you run out of other people's money."

Payne's shtick is to promote the basic conservative mantra that says Democrats want to take your money so the government can spend it because they're jealous that they have less than you.

Charles boiled it down by saying, "the politics of envy, this guy is making more than you rather than politics of 'you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps.'

Then Carson dived into his usual rap about the one true Satan, Saul Alinsky.

Ben was getting really worked up over Alinsky, as he usually does, and said "You're always going to have more poor people than rich people and if you can create that resentment, you'll create a voter base."

Sounds like conservatives listened to Alinskyi also.

He continued, high on Saul, "That's why they do it, they know better of course. They know that if you can get rid of all the rich people, and what will everybody else do? sit around and sing kumbaya? There won't be anything to do. There won't be any sports, there won't be any television. There won't be anything."

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Payne, laughingly said, "I don't know if they want to get rid of them, they want them to work for free."

What goes on in the mind of Dr. Ben Carson, I do not know? It's a rather scary place haunted by pyramids, bogus vitamins, Darwin, gay rights is a commie plot and now this...

In another moment of infinite insanity, Ben suggested that it's the GOP that wants to promote education and the Democrats want people to stay dumb. Talk about ass backwards.

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